Season 2, Episode 5: Office of Student Research; Image of Research Contest Part 1

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Season 2, Episode 5: Image of Research Contest at Illinois State University; Part 1: Office of Student Research with guests Dr. Gina Hunter, Dr. Noelle Selkow, and Dr. John Baur 

Summary: In this episode of STEAM Talk, we discuss the origins of the, relatively new, Office of Student Research at Illinois State University. We get to know three different faculty at Illinois State, their research and roles in the development of the Office of Student Research, supports provided through the OSR, and the Illinois State University Image of Research contest run through the OSR. 

Topics discussed in this episode:  
  • Background and research interests of Dr. Gina Hunter, Dr. Noelle Selkow, and Dr. John Baur [2:47] 
  • The Office of Student Research and supports for Illinois State Students [7:55] 
  • The origins story of the Office of Student Research [9:17]  
  • Advise for getting involved with research on campus [24:00]  
  • Interdisciplinary research communication: The Illinois State University Image of Research Contest origins and showcase. [27:12] 
  • How to get connected to research on campus [ 33:41] 
  • Fun question: How would you capture your research in an image? [41:43] 
  • Student resources [44:12] 
Biographies of Guests: 

Dr. Gina Hunter 


Gina Louise Hunter is the Director of the Office of Student Research and Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Illinois State University. Her current research interests are in the area of food, sustainability, and culture, in particular food as cultural heritage and food movements. Her book, Edible Insects: A Global History is forthcoming later this year from Reaktion Books (UK). Gina teaches courses in food studies, cultural anthropology, and ethnographic methods. 


Dr. Noelle Selkow  


Dr. Noelle Selkow has been the interim director of the Graduate School since January 2019 and an associate professor in the School of Kinesiology and Recreation as a member of the athletic training faculty. Her research interests include cryotherapy, manual therapy, and diagnostic ultrasound. The Illinois State Graduate School hosts and promotes professional development, research competitions, research symposium, and funding opportunities for graduate students.


Dr. John Bauer  


John Bauer is a professor of chemistry. His research interests include analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical instrumentation, and bioanalytical chemistry. John has served as the COVID-19 Testing Coordinator, the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, and the Chair of the Department of Chemistry. 



Resources mentioned in this Episode:  

  •  You can follow research on Illinois State Campus via Twitter @ISUResearch, @ISUChemistry, and @ISUGradSchool