Season 2, Episode 2 Show Notes and Transcript

Season 2, Episode 2 with guests Rosario Marroquin-Flores and Ian Rines 

Summary: In a continuation of Episode 1, Courtney and Kara talk to two Illinois State University School of Biological Sciences Ph. D. candidates. Rosario Marroquin-Flores and Ian Rines discuss their research projects. Ian describes surprising findings from a study he co-authored on decorated crickets that was also published in Research Spotlight Journal and PubNavigator through SACNAS ISU [see episode 1 for more details about SACNAS ISU]. Rosario, the president of SACNAS ISU, discusses her research working with temperature-dependent sex determination in turtles.  

 Topics discussed in this episode:  

  • Decorated Crickets – Mating behaviors and inbreeding [1:47] 
  • Turtles sex-determination and biological field work [21:20] 
  • Frogs and zombie math: What STEM topic are you following right now?  [30:19] 
  • Shout out to other organizations on and off campus supporting biological research and science communication [33:57] 

Biography of Guests

Rosario Marroquin-Flores is a Ph. D. candidate in Biology at Illinois State University. Her research, situated in the Bowden-Paitz Laboratory, investigates the genes and hormones that organize ovary and testis development in turtles. In her free time, she likes to binge watch horror movies, cuddle up with her pets, and enjoys camping and hiking. To follow on Twitter: @rmarroqu3 


Ian Rines is a 3rd year Ph. D. Candidate in the School of Biological Science at Illinois State University. His research focuses on investigating sexual conflicts in decorated crickets. He investigates how male crickets manipulate females during reproduction via chemical compounds in their ejaculates. When he isn’t researching, Ian enjoys watching TV, attempting to keep houseplants alive, and mild hiking. To follow on Twitter: 

Resources mentioned in this Episode:  


Science Advocacy Institute (SAi): 

Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB): 

National SACNAS website: 

Twitter (SACNAS): @isusacnas 

Twitter (SAi): @STEMadvocacy 

Facebook (SACNAS):@sacnasisu 

Instagram (SACNAS): @isusancas 

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Cricket Mating Ritual!