Dr. Jan-Ulrik Dahl: Microbiology at Illinois State (2 of 2)

Welcome back to our interview with Dr. Jan Dahl from Illinois State University’s School of Biological Sciences. We continue our discussion on Jan’s research, student collaboration, and implimenting a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) into his curriculum! Enjoy and subscribe to STEAM Talk today!

Resources Mentioned in Episode: 

School of Biological Sciences at Illinois State University: https://biology.illinoisstate.edu/ 

The Dahl Lab at Illinois State University: https://about.illinoisstate.edu/jdahl1/ 

Small World Initiative: http://www.smallworldinitiative.org/ 

High School Summer Research Academy: https://cemast.illinoisstate.edu/students/high-school/il-summer-research/ 

American Society for Microbiology https://asm.org/ 

Phi Sigma at Illinois State University https://biology.illinoisstate.edu/student-organizations/phi-sigma/#tabs-accord2 

Biology Sciences Student Association at Illinois State https://biology.illinoisstate.edu/student-organizations/biology-sciences-student-association/