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Dr. Shawn Hitchcock Part 2

Dr. Shawn Hitchcock, Part 2: Organic Chemistry 

Welcome back to our conversation with Dr. Shawn Hitchcock, professor of Organic Chemistry at Illinois State University and recipient of the Henry C. McBay Outstanding Teaching Award. To learn more about Dr. Hitchcock’s journey to Illinois State and his teaching award, check out part one of this interview. In this episode, we get to learn all about organic chemistry and Dr. Hitchcock’s research in molecular chirality. This conversation is all about the applicability of organic chemistry to viruses (like COVID-19) that affect our daily lives. If you are not familiar with the world of chemistry, have no fear! Dr. Hitchcock explains it all in a way that you’ll be able to understand. Whether you’ve taken a few different college-level chemistry classes (like Kara), or you barely passed your intro CHEM1000 course (like Courtney), you will be able to understand and learn something new!  


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