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MINI-SODE: Undergrad Research Opportunities w/ Dr. Gina Hunter

Hello STEAMTalk listeners! Welcome to the first ever “mini-sode” (mini-episode) of STEAMTalk. This short interview features friend of the show Dr. Gina Hunter of the Office of Student Research at Illinois State University. This interview focuses on current opportunities for undergraduate student researchers at Illinois State and explains how to get involved! The perfect episode for anyone interested in doing research at the undergrad level at Illinois State!

Here are some links to resources mentioned in the episode:

Office of Student Research at Illinois State University: 

Follow link to find page where you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Gina Hunter or Grad Assistant Sam Bruner: 

Grants and Funding: 

Image of Research Contest Part 5: Sargylana Cherepanova

Welcome to our fifth and final episode of our series on the Image of Research Contest at Illinois State University. We are so honored to be sitting down to talk with one of the first place winners of the contest, Sargylana Cherepanova!

Lana is a graduate student in the Wonsook Kim School of Fine Art. She is working on her MFA in painting, and works with software to create non-video game art pieces. Lana is from an artic city called Yakustk, which is known for being one of the coldest places in the world! Her culture and homeland bring inspiration to her pieces, including the winning submission for the contest, “Sun Time, and Vivid Dreams”

Enjoy our interview with Lana! The 2022 Image of Research Contest is openly accepting admissions from October 1st – November 12th 2021.

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